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McKesson Practice Choice ™
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Simplify Processes to Enhance Patient Touch
McKesson Practice Choice is a cost-effective Web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution inspired by small, independent medical offices just like yours. We built it from the ground up to address the daily challenges faced by small practices that don’t have the luxury of dedicated IT staff. Intuitive and efficient, McKesson Practice Choice does more than maintain records and protect cash flow; it has the power to improve the quality of your patient interactions.

When care is your priority and independence is your choice
With 20+ years delivering PM and EHR technology to the small practice, McKesson knows what you need to run your medical office smoothly while maintaining your patient focus. We invested heavily and organically built McKesson Practice Choice to suit the specific needs of smaller offices. Leveraging the latest Microsoft® technologies, we spent time observing you in your workspace and tailored the software design and screen layout to deliver a consistent experience despite the multiple hats you wear and tasks you complete throughout the day.

Software As A Service
Practice Choice is a fully web-based system, which means that you can access your system from anywhere there is an internet connection. It minimizes upfront investment in a server and other technology in the office. In addition, this allows for rolling updates and no upgrade costs to worry about.

Fully Meaningful use Certified
Practice Choice is fully ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use.

Subscribe to cost-effectiveness
With McKesson Practice Choice, you’re not just getting an EHR/PM product — you’re benefiting from a comprehensive solution that complements your independence. As a Web-based subscription service, there are no costly servers to maintain, no IT staffers to hire and no backups to schedule. Simplify your administrative overhead and learning curve with just a single solution integrating EHR, PM, patient portals, e-prescribing and claims. Simply log on to our secure system to access and manage your practice’s data. Updates and upgrades to the program will stream automatically to your computers, so manual reinstallations are never required.

Fully Integrated McKesson-supported Feature Set
Practice Choice is a fully comprehensive EHR/PM system Patient Portal, ePrescribing, ERA, EDI, Claims Engine, and Clearinghouse built, supported and maintained by McKesson.

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